We believe great design is the result of close collaborations. Working alongside master craftspeople, artisans, trade professionals and suppliers, we design spaces that express and accurately reflect your story through a harmonic kaleidoscope of fabrics, colours, textures, finishes, materials, furniture, furnishings and form.

Whether it is a single piece of fine custom furniture, curtains and blinds, a single room or a whole home – we seek to stimulate and enliven the senses and evolve a space, and a life, into an infinitely layered tactile and emotional experience. Spaces born from love;
to sink into; to grow old with.

“I wanted a happy house…
You just know when someone gets exactly what you want.”

Quality and detail are paramount to all that we do. We work closely with the finest artisans, artists and architects, craftspeople, creatives and makers, builders, suppliers, fabricators, furniture makers, landscapers and trade professionals to produce the finest products, pieces and spaces for our clients.

Interior Design“Her interior design projects are an art form of a different kind, in which she loves to draw furniture, colour, texture and objects together to create beautiful spaces.”

With over twenty-five years of experience in the industry across multiple disciplines, we are specialists throughout all areas of creative design. From concept and scheme development, through to spatial planning, layouts and selections, our range of services encompass single rooms to entire homes, and includes the design and manufacture of:

  • Bespoke Furniture including Dining and Occasional Tables
  • Custom Lighting, Carpets and Rugs

Interior Decoration“My home is now so beautiful – beyond my wildest dreams. I could not be happier with it”

When you enter our studio you may often find us lost in conversation with the curtains, sipping tea with the cushions, or just sharing a whimsical joke with the fabric on an armchair, as we believe decorations provide character, personality and a voice to any space. With a deep fondness for the craft, and a dedication to quality and detail, we design, source and create beautiful furniture, fixtures and fittings, including:

  • Custom Fine Upholstery including Sofas, Armchairs, Dining Chairs, Ottomans, Banquettes, Beds, Bedheads and Benches
  • Bespoke Curtains, Blinds, Shutters and Window Treatments
  • Exquisite Fabrics, Textiles, Wallpapers, Paint and Colour Selections
  • Finest Re-upholstery, Restoration, Re-purposing and Re-vitalising of your existing Furniture, Sofas, Chairs and Antiques
  • Exquisite Fabrics, Textiles, Wallpapers, Paint and Colour Selections
  • Carpets, Rugs, Lighting, Art, Linens, Lampshades and Accessories.

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